Thursday, September 7, 2017

Oracle Mobile Cloud Service: team members accessing APIs

Oracle Mobile Cloud Service is setup around different personas. When you login to MCS you see a list of roles.

The Mobile App developer is the developer that is creating a mobile application and is using APIs that are exposed in MCS. The Service developer is the developer that creates the APIs, connectors etc.

This distinction is very useful: it helps in making sure the documentation is targeted to the right people and the content is organized in a way that makes sense for these different personas.

Sometimes, however, it does not work as well. As I discussed in an earlier post: the command line tools to deploy and test services is hidden in software that is targeted at mobile app developers.  In this post I want to discuss another use case that is not that obvious apparently: a service developer calling an API.

In our project we are creating APIs for several different mobile app developers. Before we publish an API and a mobile backend we want to test this mobile backend. We secured the APIs with security roles, because we want to make sure that APIs for internal use are not accidently exposed to external companies.  To be able to test the API, we had to assign the correct role to the team member. This is when the challenge started.

Assigning roles to users in MCS
There are two ways of assigning roles to users for MCS. The first method is using the MCS Mobile User Management, which can be accessed using the mobile portal ui:

Manage users and roles from the MCS portal

The second way is using the services dashboard, using the "Users" tab and clicking "manage roles" for a specific user:
Manage roles of a user using the "users tab" from the service dashboard

But before you can assign the role, you have to go to the user management part of the MCS and create a role in a realm. This is described in the documentation of MCS: "Set Up Mobile Users, Realms and Roles". It also describes naming conventions, for example for roles: 

"The naming convention for Oracle Cloud custom roles that represent MCS mobile user roles is: {serviceName}_MobileEnvironment_{rolename}. For example, for a role named “APIRole” in the environment with service name “poeo342ed” the custom role in Oracle Cloud would be poeo342ed_MobileEnvironment_APIRole." 

Then you can create a new user account for the tester and assign the newly created role to this user. (S)he then uses account after logging into MCS and changing the default password to test the API from postman, adding the username and password as Basic Authentication to the header of each call.

This all works very nicely. But we wanted to assign this role to ourselves. However, the users that were set up as team members did not show up in the MCS User management list of users. 

So I navigated to my services dashboard again and clicked on the tab "custom roles". Sure enough the role I just created was there, so I assigned my own user to the role and added my username / password to the Postman API call.
The result: "Unauthorized"


Users should not only be assigned to a role to access an API, they should also be part of the realm that is associated with the mobile backend. Unless, of course you use anonymous access, which does not work when you are securing your APIs with roles.
In our example we did not explicitly create a realm, so the mobile backend was associated to the Default Realm. We created the new tester in the default Realm, so this 'role' was automatically assigned to this user. The team members were not added to that realm and therefore did not show up in the list of users of the default realm.

We added the team members to the Default 'role', which corresponds to the realm in the mobile user management instance and voila! We can access the APIs :)

Role that represents the default realm in the mobile cloud service instance

Happy coding!

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