Friday, May 18, 2007

Working with Oracle Enterprise Linux

Today I installed Oracle Linux 4 Update 5 Media Pack for x86 (32 bit) on VMWare Server Console 1.0.2 and found my way through the following issues:

Downloading the software
It is available from the Oracle web site:
  • Enterprise-R4-U5-i386-disc1.iso
  • Enterprise-R4-U5-i386-disc2.iso
  • Enterprise-R4-U5-i386-disc3.iso
  • Enterprise-R4-U5-i386-disc4.iso

For a default installation I needed only the first two discs.

Installation on VMWare
For the installation you can either burn cd’s from the iso or you can mount the iso in VMWare. I tried mounting it in VMWare.

In the Virtual Machine Settings… view, select CD-Rom. Use ISO image and browse to the downloaded iso.

When I started installing Oracle Linux on VMWare I got the following Linux Warning:

'No hard drives have been found.'

And indeed Linux could not find the harddisk.

Include the following line in your VMware config file \your project.vmx>:
scsi0.virtualDev = "lsilogic"

When starting your VMWare session confirm the question 'Change the adapter?' with yes.

Now finally we are getting somewhere. But then the questions pops up: 'Insert next disk'.

Ok I found out that’s pretty simple. Just go to the Virtual Machine settings hit CD-Rom and browse at Use ISO image to the next image on your harddisk. Now the installation can continue,….. and finish successfully!

More usefull information and common issues like: 'Cannot activate Ethernet devices' when copying the VMWare set to another computer.
can be found in:

Install Oracle RAC 10g on Oracle Enterprise Linux Using VMWare Server