Thursday, November 30, 2017

Sharing Applications within your team in VBCS, PCS and MCS

Oracle Visual Builder Cloud Service is a so called 'low code' platform to build user interfaces in the cloud, without the need for a IDE or installing and deploying to servers.

This can be done by a single user, but this can also be used in a team setting.

Unfortunately it is not very intuitive how you can share different applications within a team. By default, when you create an application, only the person who created it will see it.

This is different than in other cloud products like MCS and PCS. In MCS you can see all mobile backends, APIs etc once you have the role 'team member'.  In MAX applications are visible by anyone with the role MobileEnvironment_Develop

In PCS you can create spaces to allow sharing of applications.

Oracle Product Shared
Process Cloud Service (PCS) Either private or shared in a space
Mobile Cloud Service (MCS) To users with role teammember
Mobile Accellerator (MAX) User that have the role MobileEnvironment_Develop
Visual Builder Cloud Service Explicit assignment to users with role teammember

How to share your VBCS application

  • Go to the "Home" tab 
  • Flip the card of your application 
  • Put the name of the team member (only existing teammembers show up) 
  • Click + 

 The application is now visible for those team members you added.


The feature is not hard to understand but hard to find. It is not well documented and the concept is implemented differently in different (related) PAAS products.

Happy coding configuring 😉

PS: in the new documenation of VBCS I found a chapter describing this feature, it is improved faster than I can blog!