Thursday, May 9, 2013

Article published | Fault Handling and Prevention (II)

Oracle Technology Network (OTN) published the article Fault Handling and Prevention - Part 2 (Fault Handling and Prevention for Services in Oracle Service Bus) by Ronald van Luttikhuizen and Guido Schmutz.

Part 1 of this article series on Fault Handling and Prevention discussed what fault handling is and why it is important. It also addressed the specific challenges in handling faults in a service-oriented landscape as compared to traditional systems. Part 1 concluded by presenting a sample scenario, an Order process implemented in a BPM and SOA environment, discussed potential pitfalls, and described generic fault prevention and recovery patterns.

Part 2 concentrates on concrete fault handling and prevention measures in the integration layer that are realized through Oracle Service Bus (OSB). The integration layer covers typical elements and integration functionality, such as Adapters for connectivity to back-end systems, Routing, Transformation, and Filtering.

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Stay tuned for parts III and IV of the article! 

About the authors

Ronald van Luttikhuizen is Managing Partner and Architect with Vennster and an Oracle ACE Director
Guido Schmutz is Technology Manager for SOA and Emerging Trends with Trivadis and an Oracle ACE Director