Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Oracle Service Bus article on OTN

The Oracle Service Bus article Eric Elzinga and I wrote is published on Oracle Technology Network (OTN).

The article is aimed at developers and architects who are familiar with Oracle Enterprise Service Bus (OESB) and are (fairly) new to Oracle Service Bus (OSB). The tutorials in this article highlight differences between these two products. The tutorials are based on a workshop in the WAAI community; a collaboration of Dutch consultancies (Whitehorses, Approach, AMIS, and IT-Eye). The goal of the WAAI collaboration is to share, bundle, and expand knowledge on the recent Fusion Middleware 11g release.

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  1. Original comment by: Dom
    Original timestamp comment: 1 December 2009, 21:21


    I’m trying out your demo but I cannot deploy the KlantWebServiceEAR file from Workshop – it says “A J2EE Enterprise Application must contain one or more modules. KlantWebServiceEAR/EarContent/META-INF application.xml line 2″

    Did you upload the latest version of your demo to OTN ? Or am I missing something in the config ?

    Cheers. Dominic