Friday, July 17, 2009

Installing JDeveloper 11g

Two things I ran into when installing and configuring Oracle Fusion Middleware JDeveloper 11g that are worth mentioning:

  • Setting the User Home Directory. As documented in the OFM 11g Installation Guide you can specify the user home directory which is used as default location for new projects and in which JDev will store user preferences and other configuration files. If you explicitly set this location on a Windows system using the ide.user.dir variable in the jdev.boot file, then make sure you use a notation like D:/workspace/ofm11g and not D:\workspace\ofm11g. Using backslashes results in the user dir [OFM 11g Home]\Middleware\jdeveloper\jdev\bin\workspaceofm11g being used instead of D:/workspace/ofm11g.
  • Installing Additional Oracle Fusion Middleware Design Time Components. When installing additional OFM design time components such as WebCenter and the SOA Suite Composite Editor make sure you restart after installation of each single component. Do not install the WebCenter and SOA Suite editor without restarting in between. If you do only one of the additional components will be visible next time you start JDev.

Once you’ve downloaded OFM 11g from OTN, installation is easy and straightforward.

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  1. Original comment by: bex
    Original timestamp comment: 20 August 2009, 20:52

    I’ve noticed that JDeveloper 11 is UNGODLY SLOW compared to JDeveloper 10… which I already thought was pretty dang slow.

    I can run it on my laptop with 4 GB of memory… but forget about running it in a virtual machine! That’s pretty much hopeless.