Saturday, September 1, 2007

How to get the password of ORASSO

If you need a password of some exotic user you never heard of before, like ORASSO, chances are you are configuring Oracle Single Sign On of some Application Server release.

About five years ago I found out this trick the hard way. I say the hard way because there are similar users like ORASSO. The first time I needed the user orasso. I got on the internet and found out where to look, as you can read here. Then I needed the user orasso_[xyz] again. So I looked again. But the password didn’t work. Ok, there are more users here and some times you need a similar one like I did that day. The user orasso_[xyz] looked to me the same but it isn’t.

But now here’s the way to find out the user passwords which Oracle uses to log in to the Repository.

  1. Start the tool OIDADMIN.
    On Linux:
    - be sure you have a X-Server application (eg. Kea!X, Exceed etc.) running on you’re pc.
    - log on to the Linux box (I mostly use the program putty.exe for this)
    - export DISPLAY=[i .p. address of XP machine]:0 (syntax varies for other shells)
    - $ORACLE_HOME/bin/oidadmin
  2. Log on with cn=orcladmin
  3. In the left frame you need to click trough the following following entries:
    Entry Management
    cn=IAS Infrastructure Databases

The orclpasswordattribute text box on the OrclResourceName=ORASSO tab contains the schema password.

You can also use ldapsearch to get the password. For more info, you can check the Oracle Application Server Single Sign-On Administrator’s Guideracle site.

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